The Power of Havening.

A haven in the dictionary is defined as a place of safety or rest, a place where you are protected from danger. Havening is a powerful, cutting edge technique that rapidly decodes trauma in the brain.  Havening belongs to a larger group of treatments called psychosensory therapies.  These use sensory input to alter thought, mood and behaviour and include TFT and EMDR.

I am very lucky to be one of the first to be trained in Havening Techniques™.

Havening was created by the esteemed neuroscientist Dr Ronald Ruden. Havening is a way of healing that is designed to help you overcome problems that are the consequence of traumatic encoding without painfully reliving the experience as some talk therapies require. 

Havening Techniques™ works by de-linking specific mental and emotional connections that are part of the unhelpful encoding. Sometimes we do not realise we are holding the trauma and this can display as anxiety, stress, addictive behaviour patterns, mood swings, anger, chronic pain, phobias, grief, general feelings of overwhelm and feeling out of control.

The consequences of trauma and stressful life events can be physical and psychological.

Havening can help with the following:

Panic attacks, phobias, chronic pain, bereavement and sudden loss, distressing memories, broken relationships, shocking news, embarrassment, bullying, being the victim of natural disasters (hurricanes, floods, etc.), experiences in combat and war (PTSD), part of or witness to an emergency situation, animal attack events and many other problems.

The changes I have seen in clients using this technique has been wonderful and truly heart warming. For a client to enter in a state of fearfulness about the future and to leave with the weight of their issue lifted, feeling, lighter, brighter, in control and more energised is fantastic.

Change is there ready and waiting for you. Come and experience it for yourself.

My Philosophy on Life.

I believe in life, you can do whatever you want to do; you just have to believe you can do it. In my book no is not an answer; there is always another way. A lot of people spend enormous amounts of timing wishing how their life would be, thinking that maybe it will happen one day; something will come along and make the change for them. IT WILL not. The only person that can ever change anything is yourself, if you want to do something go and do it. If you want to change something do it, the lever for change is yourself and as soon as you realise that you are half way to achieving the end result already. It is the realisation of this that can sometimes take some time. If you do nothing, nothing will change. What are you waiting for? Make that change now and then things will happen.

Water, Weather, What

For some reason, this summer has made me think about water quite a lot! Where I live, we have a lot of water!

Water is very important, but sometimes we forget that. I used to work in a big office, next to a water cooler. The water was there all day, sitting nicely chilled waiting to be drank. I used to drink a lot of water! However not all of us sit in offices or near water coolers and it is very easy to forget to drink water.

Your body doesn’t work without water, did you know that up to 75% of the body’s weight is water, you can increase your functioning by staying hydrated. Lack of water can drain your energy and leave you tired, it can also make you feel emotionally negative. Why is it sometimes we forget some of the simplest things in life, which are the most important. If you don’t like your tap water, there are also lots of different bottled waters available, why not try one out, maybe a Welsh one! Try something different. Have a new experience. You can have fun, even with water!

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