Change State Change Attitude

AIR - Action in Response

Like everything in life, what you put in has a direct impact on what you get out. Imagine the following.

Fresh Air

You know when you are in a dirty place, the roads are dirty, the houses look grimy, the air is dirty.

Well take a deep breath and just imagine, think you are in the most beautiful place with air so clean and fresh, when you breathe in, it feels like sharp crystals on your nostrils. Breathe in the fresh air. Breathe out the dark, dirty air, breathe it right away.

Breathe in deeply, feel the clean, fresh air filling your lungs, tingling on your nostrils and enlivening your whole body and say YES I like this – how does that feel?

Well you take that imaginary feeling back to the dirt and grime and imagine that wonderful air. So when those around you are in the grime you can literally walk in different air in your head.

That is change, you are in the same place, but you’re different.

If you like this and are curious to find out more, take some action, call me and I will respond. It will be the most amazing start of something new, something fresh, something very positive.
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